ICM Projects 2001, CA, is a Venezuelan company, dedicated to providing services Maintenance of Industrial Plants ( Plant Stops ), construction, lifting, installation of static equipment, piping, civil construction, mechanical, small and medium-sized works CPI, supply staff (direct and indirect), personnel transport, supply and hire of machinery for civil construction and mechanical, instrumentation and electricity industries other than Venezuela, having vast experience in cement plants, complex oil upgraders, fertilizer plants nitrogen, petrochemical, gas flow, flow separation plant, pumping stations and oil refineries Petroleum. ICM Projects 2001, CA is headquartered in the East Industrial Park of the country, with branches in Punto Fijo Edo. Falcon. Founded in 2000 by Venezuelan, with Venezuelan capital and directed by Venezuelan professionals identified planning processes for the management of uncertainty, complexity and conflict, believers of the development potential of their country.

ICM Projects 2001, CA, has a very recent history, talk of 15 years providing engineering, construction and maintenance in the oil industry 476 years to have the earliest records of the use of oil in the country at that time as Spain sent a medicine to cure an illness the Emperor Carlos V, makes us understand that we are still a young company.

Since 2000 ICM Projects 2001, has been dedicated to the task of improving every day but, becoming a contracting company in the area.

Currently ICM Projects 2001 c.a.
It has the record of 27.537.768 Man Hours Worked.

Today you can take much bigger challenges in the beginning certainly, but it is also important to stress that has been closely involved, liable, congraciada sensitized with the community and environment. This company has participated in conferences and sanitation services to the beach, lagoon dredging Puerto Piritu to give landlocked fishermen in the region, collaboration and working together with communities on important dates like the Carnival del Pueblo, Day Child, Christmas, etc.. Their commitment exceeds the daily effort of its workers.


Company Leader in Maintenance and Construction, created to give the idoneas and timely requirements of the public, oil market responses and national and international petrochemical, competence, guaranteeing delivery time and quality under the highest standards of safety, health, health and environment.


Be Recognized as one company Maintenance and Construction of the Public Sector, Oil and Petrochemical at National and International level with the highest standards of performance.


Armonia, Competitiveness, Commitment, Discipline, Efficiency, Ethics, Innovation, Loyalty, Responsibility, Teamwork.


ICM Proyectos 2001, C.A, fue registrada en el año 2000, en el Registro Mercantil Tercero de la Circunscripción Judicial del Estado Anzoátegui, Barcelona. Con accionistas y representantes legales Venezolanos. ICM Proyectos 2001, C.A. se encuentra registrada en las siguientes entidades:
R.I.F. J-30763856-7
SNC: 1047941307638567146
Capital Suscrito: BsF. 500.000,00
Capital Pagado: BsF. 500.000,00
NIL: 129228-1

Ministerio de Interior y Justicia: Nº 012/2008
Alcaldía de Lecheria: Nº 0600
RACDA – TSMDP-AL-NC-2006-1971 “Generadora, Transportista y Almacenadora de sustancias, desechos y materiales Peligrosos”
C.C.E.A. Nº: 042-2001, RAC PDVSA: 14204
S.A.P N° 100018594
Bolivariana de Puertos (Bolipuertos) Nº 2012-TT-1741