Our highly specialized and trained to care maintenance projects exchangers heat combined with machinery, equipment and cutting edge technology is what ICM Projects 2001 ca are proud to present as UMI - Maintenance Unit Heat Exchangers and Air coolers.

Elite Unit This work was created to meet the most demanding needs of the oil industry and related regarding response time, quality of work, ability and scope of projects and operational security even more important. We offer a comprehensive maintenance service for optimizing delivery times and customer convenience.

Can I guarantee safety, quality and productivity of our service because we have excellent lifting equipment and extraction, torque and tensioning, cleaning with pressurized water with our new system "Bundle Cleaner" internal and external grinding site and portable, non-destructive testing, special services "Piston Packing", manufacture and installation of plugs, re-expanded and re-tubed, welding seals and supply of materials, we have the record of activities capable of degrading the environment (RACDA ) and last but not least, we have a human capital of specialists, trained and certified that represent our most important investment.

ICM Projects 2001, CA A pioneer in wind power, built the first wind farm in Venezuela, installing AE61-1.320 KW Wind Turbine model in its version of 60 Hz, located in Taques, Paraguana Peninsula, Edo. Falcon. This park comprises 76 turbines, each with an average of 1.3 MW contribution for a total of 100 MW. This corresponds to 33% of the 300 MW required by the state.